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Did you know that one in 10 people are more susceptible to mosquito bites? According to the experts, female mosquitoes, which use human blood to develop fertile eggs, may show bias over whom they choose to bite. The best protection against mosquito bites and the diseases they carry is a quality mosquito misting system. It’s difficult for researchers to determine what key factors qualify someone as a "mosquito magnet". There is still a lot of research that needs to be conducted on the factors that might make one person more attractive to mosquitoes”. Scientists are looking into at least 400 different compounds that could be the key. Body chemistry and genetics could also account for 85% of mosquito vulnerability. Whether you’re more prone to mosquitoes or not, it’s better to ensure that all members of your friends and family are protected this summer! Make sure that your outdoor residential misting system is in proper working order. Be sure to contact us at The Pest Service or call us at 832-492-3067.


All of our services are designed to help Houston property owners with pest infestations. Therefore, we provide general pest inspections and coverage to eliminate common pests. Indoor and outdoor treatments are utilized to both prevent and kill existing threats to the property. Our indoor treatments are odorless and safe for children and pets. Although we like regular business, The Pest Service focuses upon preventative measures in order to ensure that insects steer clear of a property.

We offer termite inspections if property owners see or suspect these little pests. Unchecked termite damage can lead to thousands of dollars in damage. To avoid that situation, The Pest Service recommends annual termite inspections. Our team can treat affected properties where termites are wreaking havoc. Only the safest and most effective treatments are used to rid the area of termites.

Fire ants are a common problem in Houston, and we're experts at exterminating them. Our company prefers TopChoice Fire Ant Granules to repel and eliminate fire ants. In fact, we provide a one-year guarantee on this particular treatment option, so property owners can trust that the treatment works as intended. The Pest Service tackles other types of ants and small insects for both residential and commercial properties.

Finally, our company specializes in Mosquito Misting systems. We install and maintain these systems for each client to ensure effective treatments. These misting system kill and repel mosquitos with timed releases. Throughout our years in the business, we've found that misting systems are highly effective. Clients can currently save $100 on a mosquito misting system with our special promotion. Just ask about it today!

At The Pest Service, we prioritize customer service and satisfaction above all else. Each client receives quality, individualized pest control solutions. Our team works in the evenings, in the mornings, and even on the weekends to provide excellent service. No other pest control company in Houston can match our results.